Pennywinkle Quilting Machines 
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Sunshine 16 Handle bar machine
With our Pennywinkle Frame

  • Our Pennywinkle frame is constructed of one inch 16 gauge steel tubing. 
  • New redesigned frame is to use the Sunshine 16 or the Sunny 24 machines
  • Frames are now powder coated white
  • Once the frame parts are machined and welded together we have a durable powder coated surface applied.
  • Our designed V groove wheels are also custom made in our machine shop
  • The frame legs have extensions to enable you to adjust the height of the frame by 3 inch increments, from the sit down position to stand up.
  • Our complete system includes canvas leader cloth to attach your quilt to.
  • Over head light frame work to hang your favorite lighting.  So, no matter where you place your frame you will have good lighting on your quilt project.
  • The side bars and ratchets are cnc routed out of polyethylene
  • You have a choose of 8' or 10' frame 
  • $3,695.00
  • Two warranty on complete system
  • 15" x 15" square extend a base to attach to base of machine under the quilt to do ruler work                         $75.00
  • 1/4" Roll 'n Glide foot                        $50.00